Becoming a Tech-Savvy Life Coach

By: Jesse Parker

As we immerse ourselves more deeply into the 21st century, you’ve likely heard and used the phrase “tech-savvy.” But what does it truly mean, and how can we, as life coaches, become tech-savvy? 

I’ve spent the last decade working in technology, specifically the workflow automation industry. I’m continually amazed by software and my ability to utilize it to solve problems and innovate on new ideas.And while SaaS (software as a service) applications allow us to do amazing things, staying current in an era dominated by technology can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. 

So, how do we reach this pillar of being “worthy” enough to be labeled as “tech-savvy”? Are we born with this skill? Is it only for “young people”? Do we need to learn how to code? Get a degree in computer science? Or is it simply the thoughts and expectations we have about a person being tech-savvy that inadvertently prevents us from ever considering ourselves as so? 

Let’s explore some thought errors preventing you from embracing your tech-savvy side. 

First, “I didn’t grow up with technology.” Actually, you did (and you still are!) Technology isn’t just web applications, smartphones, automation, and AI. It encompasses many other things: washing machines, radios, typewriters, telephones, cars/buses, cassette tapes, floppy disks, VCRs, overhead projectors, film cameras, record players – I could go on and on. The only difference between yesterday’s technology and today’s is your familiarity and experience. 

I can build internal tooling for a multi-million dollar organization. Still, I couldn’t tell you how to use a film camera, and sometimes I struggle to navigate using a TV. But does being unfamiliar with older or newer technology mean you’re not tech-savvy? Not at all! Tech savviness is not about mastery over every piece of technology but understanding and adapting to it based on our needs and experiences. 

Second, “I’m tech-challenged/tech-illiterate.” This is more a mindset issue than a factual one. The reality is everyone, regardless of their experience or expertise, encounters challenges with technology. It’s about how we perceive and respond to these challenges. If we perceive them as insurmountable obstacles, that’s what they will become. Instead, seeing them as opportunities for learning and growth allows us to improve our skills and deepen our understanding. 

Lastly, the counterproductive belief, “I’m not tech-savvy.” We must remember that being tech-savvy isn’t about innate tech talent but rather a mindset underpinned by curiosity, resilience, creativity, and self-confidence. It’s about being eager to learn, persistent in overcoming setbacks, using our imagination to solve problems, and trusting in our creative ability to figure things out. 

In conclusion, the journey to becoming a tech-savvy life coach is less about technical expertise and more about fostering the right mindset and the willingness to learn and adapt. To move forward, we must learn to accept that challenges are just a part of the process and remind ourselves that they have little to do with our personal abilities. 

After all, technology is a tool, and like any tool, its effectiveness is determined by the skill and mindset of the person wielding it. So, let’s embrace technology, overcome our misconceptions, and use it to our advantage to deliver the most value possible to our clients. 

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