Defintion of Success

By: Tami Conklin


We choose our definition of it.  

No one else does.  

Our choice might be to decide to follow all the people around us and define success as working our way up the ladder, making all the money, acquiring all the things — but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

What if success meant so much more?  

Waking up and being excited for your day. Not worrying about money. Being truly present for your family. Living in the now. Taking care of your mind and body.  

What if the most humane definition of success is to actually take care of yourself and be human?  

Live. Play. Enjoy. 

My definition used to mean going 150% all the damn time. And then I got really sick.  

I’ve HAD to reinvent my view and it has transformed my life. 

Yes, I am saying this from a place of privilege and yet, growing up we were poor, on food stamps and I always wondered what utility was going to be turned off next. 

My definition of success arose from not wanting to live that way EVER again.  

And it is finally time to revise my definition to one that speaks to where I am in life.  

Now I look at how I am treating others. How is my nervous system? How am I processing my emotions? What am I letting bug the crap out of me?  

What is your definition of success? Did you decide for yourself or are you living what you think the world wants for you?  

What makes you feel fulfilled? Happy? Motivated? What makes you feel like you’ve achieved what you wanted?  

Key Takeaways:  

1. Revisit your definition of success. If you find it isn’t really yours, take the time to make it your own. 

2. Remind yourself how it feels in your body when you are living someone else’s definition of success rather than one you have intentionally created. 

A clear definition of what success means to you will be a compass leading you to make better decisions and create the life you truly want. Need help? Reach out and we can chat more — a life coach is the perfect individual to guide you towards cultivating a better life.  

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Unlocking Teen Potential

By: Joey Mascio

Hey amazing teens! Ever find yourself yearning for a bit more excitement in your social life, struggling with confidence, or feeling a bit out of place? You’re not alone. These are challenges all teenagers face today. Let’s explore a solution that’s both fun and impactful. 

Navigating the middle school or high school social scene can be tricky. Sure, you’ve got some friends, but forging connections beyond that circle is challenging. Confidence? It’s there, but maybe not as robust as you’d like. Ever felt like you just don’t quite fit in? Yeah, we’ve all been there. 

Then there are those days that feel like a bit of a slog. It’s not a full-blown battle with depression, but motivation seems to be on vacation. Stress and anxiety throw their hats into the ring, making life feel like a bit too much. The struggle is real. 

What about personal goals? You’ve got them, but distractions seem to be ever-present. Video games, YouTube, Netflix – they’re all beckoning for your attention. It’s the classic tug-of-war between what you want to achieve and what ends up grabbing your focus. 

Does it feel like I’m reading your mind? That’s because adolescents everywhere are experiencing what psychologist Viktor Frankl calls the Mass Neurotic Triad, which is depression, addiction, and aggression. That may sound a bit much for what you’re experiencing, but it’s translated for teens as “I don’t feel like it, I don’t have enough time, people are stupid.” Familiar, right? 

This general feeling of being down, distracted, disconnected may come from teens spending a lot of time with “imaginary friends.” No, not the imaginary friends from childhood. These imaginary friends are the influencers, video game characters, and binge-worthy show protagonists. Spending too much time with them may be entertaining, but it won’t help you grow into the incredible person you aspire to become. 

Now, I’m not suggesting a complete digital detox. But what if those moments of feeling down, disconnected, and distracted are a result of spending more time in someone else’s world than your own? 

Introducing the Live Your Own Life Challenge. Here’s the gist: prioritize spending more time living your life before delving into the virtual worlds of influencers, video games, or shows. Everyday, take concrete actions towards your goals – whether it’s working out, pursuing a hobby, or taking steps to become the person you envision. 

Balance is the key. For every two hours invested in creating something amazing in your real life, allocate just one hour to your virtual escapes. Do this consistently, and you’ll witness a positive shift. 

The promise of this challenge? Less of those down days, reduced feelings of being distracted and disconnected, and a surge in feelings of accomplishment, motivation, and personal value. 

So, incredible tweens and teens, are you up for the challenge? It’s time to unlock your awesomeness and fully embrace living your own life! 

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