Victoria Cumberbatch

Neurofriendly Transformation Coach


Beneath the masks of overachiever, people pleaser, & perfectionist → are humans seeking authentic connection, embodiment, integrity, & joy! I use my amplifying energy and no-nonsense-NorthJersey-nature to support them in re discovering who they are + fine tune the edges; so they can live with the default mask of abundance [instead of scarcity, fear, uncertainty]. Together, we can renew dysregulation, disconnection, disembodiment, and dis ease. Specifically, I aim toward approaching leadership through the lens of the feminine, especially for the disconnected overachiever. The ones that excel at nearly everything, yet feel disconnected, dissatisfied, and/or disembodied. They’re seeking: fulfillment, purpose, alignment, and balance. As a coach, I’m your partner in realizing, re imagining, re claiming, and re defining your stories and beliefs about yourself so you can soar.





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