Trish Rebello

Chill Productivity Coach For Overachievers


You do not have to choose between your wild ambitions and your mental well-being.

Wanna double your income, build an empire, & change the world? Awesome!

Think the only way to make that happen is by working more, stressing more, & pushing so hard you need a 6 month couch-cation to recover? 

Heck no.

You can move mountains in your business without the ‘omg omg GO GO GO’ pressure / panic / stress.

I’ll help show you how.

By using a very full tool belt of coaching tools:

  • The Life Coach School Model
  • Nervous system work
  • Somatic work
  • Un-shaming work
  • Neuro-plasticity (reprogramming the subconscious mind)

Plus, a whole lot more.



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Denver, co



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