Shijo Monichan

Coach for Relationship, Motivation & Business


Finding clarity in life would resemble finding water in a scorching desert. Sometimes in our lives, all we need is clarity as to how to move on, what decision to take, where to begin or where to end. Once we find it, we become unstoppable, we find happiness and we find satisfaction. This is what coaching does – bringing clarity into someone’s life. The client gets into a deeper space of clarity and vision in a coaching space. And the fact of surprise is that the coach remains non-judgemental and unbiased. He or She doesn’t offer any sort of advice; instead, they remain there as a hollow bamboo, listening with great patience and asking questions with great curiosity. Thus coaching is helping the clients to help themselves. Echoing with the ICF, “A client is intelligent, knowledgeable and is able to find solution for herself/himself.” The smile of my clients is my satisfaction.



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