Sara Visser

Parents of suicidal kids coach


I help parents of suicidal children be the rock their children need.  

Most of us feel confused, fearful, and overwhelmed while parenting a suicidal child.

We live in fear of saying the wrong thing or making the wrong choices for them.

Instead of feeling helpless, there is one thing you can do: learn to manage your own mind.

We pay thousands to help our child get tools to thrive again, and yet have little control over how they apply it.

When you learn tools for yourself, you model where the best work is done–in your own brain!

When I received coaching during my child’s struggles, everything changed…not for my daughter right away, but for me, which then helped her too!  I gained hope instead of suffering, made decisions from confidence instead of fear, and started liking the parent I was again.

I help you parent from peace, confidence, and strength no matter what’s going on.



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