Michael Hersh, MD

Coach for male physicians


Physicians are taught that the way to achieve our goals and dreams is through self-sacrifice.  We essentially hand over our 20s to higher medical education.  Self-sacrifice is so ingrained in us, that we actually believe it is serving us.  Over time though, it takes its toll.  Physicians are left feeling burned out, stressed, overworked, and underappreciated.  As a husband, dad, and full-time gastroenterologist, this was my exact experience.  I thought the only way to feel better was to escape medicine.  Physician coaching changed everything for me, and my goal is to show other physicians that there is a better way.  


Through an individualized, one-to-one coaching program, my clients learn the tools to create work-life balance, set goals, prioritize their time, and feel more present at home and less frustrated at work.   


It’s time to start living your better physician life today.





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