Meg Young

Anxiety and imposter syndrome stand no chance


How has your anxiety been writing your story lately? Anxiety has a way of sneaking up and taking control before we realize what’s happening. Before we know it, life is full of racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, headaches and/or stomachaches and overall discomfort.

Anxiety has been a part of my life for most of it. I worked on myself and became a licensed therapist. I honed in my own self care practice while helping others with anxiety, trauma, secondary trauma, and burnout.

I  found that the best way to release anxiety is through using both the brain/logic techniques and the body/somatic techniques. I am certified in EMDR and a Registered Yoga Teacher, incorporating trauma informed yoga into my work and my own life.

Often people don’t need therapy, but they need accountability and support as they’re learning and using anxiety, stress, and burnout techniques.





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