Meagan Skidmore

Life Transitions Coach


I work with parents of LGBTQ+ kiddos of a conservative faith background who feel their world has turned upside down.  Does this sound like you?   You question your understanding of everything you’ve ever known. The peace you desire eludes you; you grapple to find a sense of normalcy & to feel grounded.  You long for your old life, or at least one that makes sense.  You fear for the future or the present because the certainty you once leaned on is nowhere to be found.  In essence you want your world turned back to right side up.

I subscribe to trauma-informed causal coaching.  We address symptoms by seeking to find & understand root causes.  Together we make room for change & new seeds of fulfillment.  As awareness increases, victim role decreases, empowerment grows & you step into your power.

I also work with LGBTQ+ teens struggling with self-esteem/image on a case by case basis. 


English, Spanish



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