Lindsay Tauscher

Personal Coach for Queer, Trans & Neurodivergent Leaders


I support queer, gender expansive, and neurodivergent leaders to step fully into their power and authenticity, so they can enjoy better mental and emotional wellbeing, happier relationships, and make a meaningful impact in the world.

With a focus on cultivating emotional resilience, nervous system regulation, healthy boundaries, secure attachment, and embodied self-trust, my work facilitates profound internal shifts. My clients are finally able to access the ease, pleasure, and connection they want and deserve.

My approach is trauma-informed and holistic, integrating somatic practices, cognitive tools, and practical skills. I bring a compassionate, anti-racist, anti-colonialist, social justice lens to my work.

I enthusiastically welcome LGBTQI+, sexual minorities, non-monogamous folks, ADHD / autistic / disabled folks, and anyone else who leads an unconventional life into my practice.





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