Leslie Duffy

Women’s Midlife & Hormone Coach


I help stressed, overwhelmed women increase energy, gain confidence, manage stress, balance hormones, lose weight, learn to eat for their genetic makeup, master mindset and lifestyle habits to create a plan for their highest self. Latina owned business. Spanish speaking.

2 Programs are available to take you to the next level:

The Feminine Functional Medicine package – includes functional labs such as hormone testing and gut testing, 12 weeks of 1:1 virtual visits to overcome obstacles with support via slack, functional medicine resources, tracking tools and blueprints. Optional genetic testing and food sensitivity panel available.
Lifestyle coaching; the Art of Self Regulation – Life coaching for Menopausal women Package includes 1:1 coaching for 12 weeks to help you achieve your unique goals; stress management, stop over-eating, time management, goal development.


English, Spanish

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Charlotte, NC

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704- 226-2515



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