Kimberly Nichols

Resilience Coach for Christian Moms


Mom life is an adventure that is meant to be enjoyed!  If you are struggling to enjoy it and to be the patient, understanding & fun mom you really want to be, I can help you!  It all starts with your resilience. (Your kids aren’t the only ones who need it!)

There are a lot of challenges in mom life and they can weigh on your heart. But if you can better handle the hard things you face, you will finally be able to be the mom you always imagined you’d be.

I teach you how to elevate your mindset, make friends with & understand your emotions, and truly connect with yourself & God so that you can be more present & available for your kids.
As you become more resilient, you will: 

  • laugh & smile more
  • get better at staying calm
  • build lasting relationships with your kids
  • have more joy & energy

and finally feel good about who you are as a mom.

Mom life is hard but you don’t have to struggle.



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