Ken Li

Career & Life Coach


I’m a life coach who helps professionals stuck in their careers & life find direction and create more purposeful lives that bring them more WHEEEE!

What makes me different from other life coaches is they don’t like ma po tofu as much as I do. AND I help people resolve the root of their problems so they can be free from them forever.

Do you…

▪️ have a job that makes you want to ☏ in sick?
▪️ think your past, your boss 🧛‍♂️, or a stupid pandemic is holding you back from greatness?
▪️ feel 🤷‍♀️ about your passion or purpose in life?

☞ If so, I’d love to help. Schedule a call with me:

PS. If you’re a 2nd-gen Asian American who wants to break free from the career you never wanted, sign up for my program I made just for you:

PPS. If you want ANY sort of life coaching–including health, wealth, and relationships–I’m still your guy!



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Chesterton, Indiana



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