Joey Mascio

Teen Confidence Coach


I help teens stop feeling like a sidekick and become who they were born to be… a hero!

In classic literary terms, a hero is the only character in their story with the power to change it.

A sidekick is a character in the story who does NOT have the power to change it.

I help teens go from sidekick to hero in the following HERO arenas:

  • Headspace: improving their mindset
  • Emotions: managing their feelings
  • Relationships: building their social skills
  • Objectives: reaching their goals

I package the powerful life coaching strategies and teachings that adults love in a way that teens will actually use: a gamified app! Check it out at

I also have private coaching packages and Drop-In Coaching, a new, affordable private coaching format for teens (it’s like a Groupon for 1:1 coaching).





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