Joanna Zajusz

Life & Weight Coach, Hypnotherapist


It’s always an honor to coach and add to the inner healing of my Clients! Online and in person.
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1 )   3 month Transformations  (life coaching, hypnosis, energy)

  • self-worth, self-love, grounding, 
  • reprogram your subconscious mind, clear energy blocks on any problem
  • stop procrastinating, free yourself creatively
  • Past Life Regressions

2) SIGNATURE Program: Six month “Weight loss for People who love to eat  AND want to lose weight”  You will understand nutrition and lose weight in a sustainable way. You will stop sabotaging yourself with emotional eating and cravings – with ease.  You will heal internally, release your emotional baggage, subconscious reasons for overeating. Even if you LOVE to eat. 

My program includes coaching, hypnotherapy (people love it!) If you are open to it: energy healing and past life regression. Body – Mind – Spirit. 


English, Polish

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