Jill Rosenau

Type 2 Diabetes Lifestyle Coach


I’m a Certified Life and Weight Coach who specializes in empowering women with Type 2 or Pre-Diabetes to lower their A1c and reduce or eliminate the meds by creating a lifestyle they love.

Five years ago, I weighed over 400 pounds and had been on diabetes meds for more than 20 years. Through life coaching, I was able to lose 150 pounds and eliminate all of my blood sugar medications.

I now teach women to have better blood sugar control using the same strategies I use to keep my A1C at 5.1.

I believe it’s not just about the food! It’s about creating a lifestyle that supports healthy blood sugar levels while learning how to think differently in order to reach your personal goals for your unique body.

I offer private and/or  group coaching for weight loss, pre-diabetes, and Type 2 diabetes.

Contact me through my website or on Instagram for more resources and to schedule a free first session.





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