Jess Diver

Personal Development and Wellbeing Coach


I’m a qualified Personal Development and Wellbeing Coach working with people battling anxiety, low self-esteem, or generally feeling stuck and unfulfilled in their career or in life generally.

You might feel stuck or lost in some way, but unsure what’s wrong or what needs to change. Perhaps you feel dissatisfied in a particular area of your life, or you know something isn’t right and that you could be happier and more fulfilled, but you’ve lost your spark and joy. Imagine having the freedom to be yourself, to feel comfortable and confident being you without worrying what people think or holding yourself back.

Through coaching with me, you’ll recognise your own needs and patterns of thinking and behaviour which is holding yourself back, you’ll be empowered to make changes and as a result feel positive, happier, calmer and more content.



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London, UK



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