Jennifer Grasseschi

Coach for Creative Women


Hello, beautiful, creative soul…

Are you feeling stuck, discouraged and powerless when it comes to your creativity?

Know what? I see you. And I get you. Because I’ve been you.

Maybe you’re dreaming of writing a book, recording an album, selling your paintings, or starting a design business. Or maybe you just want more creativity in your daily life – a more creative way of being.

As a multi-faceted artist myself, I know all too well the struggles and pitfalls creative women face. There’s so much uncertainty and overwhelm… But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I can show you how to stop sabotaging yourself so you can generate the confidence, courage and clarity you need to freely express—and share—the awesome creativity that’s bottled up inside you.

This world needs your art now more than ever.

And your creative voice is longing to be heard.

Let me show you how to be unstoppable. xoxo



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