Jane Copier

Empty Nest Coach for Christian Women


Re-discover your inner spark!  I help empower women to love themselves completely, and embrace self-acceptance.  Learn to build deeper, connected relationships, strengthen your faith, find purpose and fulfillment, and make the second half of life, the BEST  half.

Life is too short to feel stuck, dissatisfied, or resentful.  Come see for yourself  how Life Coaching is Life Changing.  Love deeply, live boldly, and give yourself the gift of a joyful, well-lived life.

Two ways to work with me:
1. Join my 12 week Midlife Mindset Makeover Program (1:1 Private Coaching and Classes)

2.  Join my Empty Nest Academy and do this work with other amazing, like-minded women (Monthly Membership with lots of coaching and resources).

I’ve got you, Sister!





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