Hyo North

Coach for LDS Women Going through Divorce


I help LDS Women that are going through separation and divorce.  I help you develop you skill in receiving personal revelation with God.  Basically, how to talk to Him and hear Him in a clear and tangible. way and create a “revelatory relationship with God.   It seems so obvious but I get your frustrated because you have questions about your relationship with your ex and with your kids and you can’t find the answers.  And you know tha those answers can only come from God.  I am the coach to teach you that.  From that skill, you’ll come to konw from a personal level three principles:

  1. Who you are inherently – how God see you.
  2. Who God is inherently
  3. Your personal relationship with God and Christ

From this place, whatever answers you desire will be open to you that will cause you to take actions of integrity and to navigate your divorce/separation with goodness, love, and peace. 





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