Heidi Weiland

Holistic Business Coach for Soulful Solopreneurs


As a holistic business coach, I work with sensitive souls, introverts and HSPs, who want to find a way of doing business that honors who you are, feels authentic to you and is sustainable for the long run. This means building your business around YOUR unique self.


Taking a human-centered approach, I help you create an aligned growth plan, personalize your marketing strategy, create systems for ease, plan a business strategy, build your confidence, heal your business wounds and create amazing results.


To do this, I combine mindset coaching, nervous system care, tapping, Ayurvedic principles, business strategy, and operational guidance in service of creating a regenerative business that nourishes you –  mind, body, soul & money.


Growing a business is one of the biggest personal growth journeys that you can experience. I’m here to be your guide along the way.


Brazilian Portugues, English



Coaching Format