Heather Condiff

Special Needs Coach, Mental Health Coach


I am a life coach for parents and caregivers of special needs loved ones!

I fully understand the struggles that parents of special needs children and what they go through because I live it! And I’ve lived it with 3 of my children for 30 years! I have lived in this world for so long so I understand how life with a special needs loved one can effect every aspect of life.

I give parents tools to gain confidence in advocating for their child. I teach how to strengthen relationships of all kinds. I teach how to cultivate a support circle! I give parents the tools needed to find peace and calm within themselves so that they don’t have to be worn down by fatigue, worry, and overwhelm.

All of these things are paramount when you live in the world of a special needs loved one.

I will help you every step of the way!

Are you ready?

It is possible!

Let’s do this!





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