Kristi Parry

Mental Fitness Coach


You know how you feel stuck in your life and you feel like you’ll never figure it out? (Losing weight, financial freedom, consistent excercise, happy relationships, etc.) What I do is give you the tools to create real freedom in your life.

Think of me as your personal trainer for your brain!  I combine the cognitive behavioral therapy model with the positive intelligence model.

I teach you how to create awareness and identify the saboteur thoughts, that are running your life. And then I teach you how to use that awareness to shift your energy to a more positive state by doing simple mindful strategies called PQ reps.

As you practice these mindful strategies, you increase the sage part of your brain which is where all your power lies.

Through awareness and mindful connection you strengthen the sage muscle which creates freedom in whatever area of your life where you are stuck.




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14217 E Meadows Rd Mica WA 99023

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