Claire Baker

Practical Change Coaching


Are you a hard worker who has dedicated your life to your career or family – maybe at the expense of creating the life you really want (even if you aren’t sure what that is)? Do you want to explore other career options? Fix what’s working and what’s not in your relationships at home, work, or with your biological family? Lose weight? Drink less? Are you considering making a big change in some aspect of your life, but worry about what others will think or that it might blow up on you, or even that it may be too late? Are you a lesbian or bisexual woman or part of the Q+ community and want to find a coach that you don’t have to worry about coming out to? ​You can live a fuller, more extraordinary life and get what you want, both at work, in love and in life. Claire and Practical Change Coaching will give you the tools you need to create your future by design.





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