Christine Jull

Business and Leadership Coach


Great Business Leaders have a purpose, an impact they want to create. Often that purpose includes their team, their loved ones and a legacy they want to create for themselves and others.

What slows their progress can be fear and self doubt; we sometimes don’t fully recognise the reason we;

  • Don’t sleep well
  • Spend much longer working than we intended
  • Put off conversations with our team when conflict may arise
  • Don’t create the desired innovation in our projects
  • Don’t take as many risks as other business leaders may
  • Don’t start the business we have thought about for a long time

I work with leaders to focus their energy and time as a catalyst to create a bigger impact in a new project, business or new role.

Together we reset your time and energy using mindful wellness and relationships to elevate your leadership impact. When we believe in our impact we make changes.

If you want more …  I’m here.



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