Brett Hill

The Mindful Coach


I specialized in mindful-somatic skills with an emphasis on mindful communication.

My mission is to help you be the best you can be so you can better serve the people you are called to help.

This isn’t old-school “talk” coaching focused on “powerful questions,”  – we go deep.  To help you stop living the life the world says you “should” do and inhabit your authentic self, learn to speak and act from this place. In this way, you are connected to meaningful work and powerful relationships.

Who do you need to be, to do what you need to do.  Being, then doing.

While I use mindful methods, this is not formal mindfulness training. No meditation is needed, yet if you do your assigned tasks, you will become more centered, mindful, connected, and less anxious in your life, work, and relationships.

I’m the founder of The Mindful Coach Association And creator of The Mindful Coach Method.





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