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Career | Confidence | Communication | ADHD | Imposter Syndrome


How do I help clients?

  • I am guided by you and use a variety of modalities and approaches to help you reach your goals.
  • I focus on providing sessions which facilitate personal growth and also tangible actions.
  • I work with clients with ADHD to help them understand how it impacts them and identify ways to manage.
  • I work with women with imposter syndrome to help them step into their power and reach their potential.
  • I work with clients on self-esteem and confidence and offer practical frameworks to help them articulate what they want.
  • I provide sessions that offer tools and techniques to communicate what you want and have difficult conversations with more impact.
  • Our sessions are fun, judgement free and are designed to facilitate your growth in the way you want.
  • We draw on my training, previous experience and what comes up in the sessions to help you design the life you want.



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