Arpita Gupta DePalma

Coach for Physicians & Professionals


I founded Thought Work, MD to help physicians and professional women learn how to identify, manage, and then let go of what is not serving them through transformational mindset coaching. I help powerful women learn how to stay ahead of their anger so that they show up calm, collected and in control, ready to lead and execute with poise.

In my coaching programs, I provide clients the unique tools they need to optimize how they show up each day in order to accomplish more, while being happier doing so.
I specialize in helping clients with anger management, time management, perfectionism and self-worth issues, parenting and cultural disparities, business development, and any other area they want to up-level in their lives.

As women, we work hard. We juggle multiple hats. We are tired, yet we delay our own self-care and celebrations in the interest of others, ultimately at our own expense. It’s time for a change.

Let me help you empower yourself… to become exceptional.





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