Aria Stellari

Spiritual NLP Coach


My aim is to guide others on a deeper level to light their path to clarity and transformation. Thanks to my extensive background in Metaphysical Sciences (M.Sc.) and having worked with various spiritual mentors, shaman, and therapists, I have learned many embodiment and spiritual practices, energy healing, and NLP techniques, which helped me bring a distinctive approach to guiding you on your evolutionary journey. Focusing on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects of our being.

At Universoul Rising, I offer a range of services to help you overcome your past and limiting beliefs, for you to live more authentically, leading to a more fulfilling and healthy life. I’m of the notion that we are spiritual beings having physical bodily experiences. The body is our vessel, and it is made of the same matter and energy as the stars and everything in our known universe. And because of this reason I believe it’s vital to not only work on the mind, but also the emotional body, and our etheric or energetic bodies as well. This is why I have devoted the past several years learning all different kinds of therapies and healing work. Drawing from cognitive, somatic, NLP, and spiritual tools, I guide you towards gaining insights and new perspectives, enabling you to see yourself and your experiences in a new light.

Together, we’ll explore the parts of yourself that you may have dismissed, reframing them with a fresh perspective and finding harmony within. This transformative journey will lead to lasting change and healing. As a guide, I create a safe and supportive space for you to connect and embrace your highest and truest self, heal from within, and empower you to pursue the life you love. Whether you need support or healing tools, I am equipped to provide you with both, so you can live your best life. I invite you to explore my services.


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