April Yee

Holistic Life Coach – Transformative Self-Care


How can self-care be transformative? The way I encourage people to think about self-care is the way we literally care for ourselves, through what we say to ourselves, what we think about ourselves, and our relationship with ourselves. When we strengthen our relationship with ourselves, there’s less that gets in the way of taking supportive actions for ourselves. We get to a place where we know what is true for us, what’s a yes and what’s a no, and where we get comfortable telling the truth—first to ourselves and then to others in our lives. We start to show up even more the way we want to, instead of just scattering our energy around and doing things haphazardly. We become more intentional about who we are being—-for ourselves and also for others. We start living true to ourselves and the lives that we want to create. See what transformative self-care coaching can do for you.





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