Amber Haider

Ballroom Dance Mindset and Self-Discovery Coach


As a mother it is easy to lose yourself in caring for your family. It’s all good until one day you realize you’ve lost yourself and don’t know where to begin to find yourself again. This can’t be all there is.

It’s not.

You are a woman. An individual. You have strengths, talents, desires, interests, and a right to take up space in your own life. You can feel powerful and alive and you don’t have to leave your kids or family behind in order to feel that way.

You can be a mom AND an individual. You can be YOU and be part of your family. You deserve to have everything you desire and your family will be better off for it. I can help you do it, and do it without feeling guilty or selfish.

You’ll feel like you again. You will know what you like and what you want, and have the confidence to go after it.

Mama’s still got it! It’s time to come alive again!





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