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Anyone can call themselves a coach these days, which makes it hard to find someone you trust to deliver the positive changes you need – but not anymore.

Every coach on the Life Coach Directory undergoes a high-quality standards check and must be fully qualified and certified from a school of excellence before being accepted.

So, no matter who you choose, you’re guaranteed an exceptional life coach with the skills, experience, and knowledge to help you achieve the results you want.

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Helping startups, business owners, executives, and high-achievers take their business or career to the next level.


Strengthening relationships with yourself, your faith, marriage, divorce, parent, child, LGBTQ+, and work through grief issues.


Giving support and advice to people who need help with their personal or professional finances.


Advising and supporting people with health and lifestyle, weight loss, organization, over-drinking, addictive behaviors, and more.


Answering your most frequently asked questions.

All our coaches on the Life Coach Directory have a life coaching certification. Some coaches also have additional certifications or advanced training in specific coaching areas. Each coach is an expert in their coaching field and niche, which means there is one who can help you, no matter how unique your circumstances.

When you choose a coach from our directory, you can feel 100% confident that whoever you pick has general/standard Life Coach training to help you.

If you are struggling to pick a coach, we suggest reaching out and asking them a few questions. You might find it helpful to ask what methodology they use. Or whether they are more cognitive, feelings or action based.

Finding the right coach is crucial, so if you are unsure, every coach on our directory will be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Many coaches are General Life coaches, meaning they do not have a specific focus, but they can help you “generally” in most areas. 

You can select “general” as a filter. Or, if there seems to be a more immediate issue you would like help with, seek a coach who specializes in that area. You will find most ‘General’ coaches can help you in many areas of your life, but one qualified in a specific area can help you with targeted problems.

Also, you do not have to stick to working with one coach. After completing a package with a coach, many people hire another coach to help with a different need or to try out different styles or techniques. 

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